Bringing energy, and authority to the American audience by creating trends and producing the highest quality in Latinx film and TV content.

Loz Dos Studios focuses on specializing in developing, packaging and producing high quality television and feature films that brings energy and authority to the Latinx and minority community. We focus on the world audience and produce and finance high-quality films, television, and multimedia entertainment.

Under the Loz Dos Studio’s executive experience, relationships, and financial resources, this allows our production division to enhance and directly tap into the $1.7 Trillion-plus Latinx Consumer Market. Our team of industry experts has their hands on the pulse of the Latinx market and clearly understand the diverse landscape.

Our decades of team success in multimedia production, sales, development, marketing, and acquisition sets us apart from the competition. Our years of Latinx and minority cultural experience enables us to uniquely identify, address, and solve the gaps distributors, studios and producers have in capitalizing on the diverse Latinx market. Between the non-linear preference of Latinx consumers and what makes it to the screen, Loz Dos Productions along with Loz Dos Studios has you covered in all and every stage.